Saturday, 21 October 2017

A short pause in output

Spent the laste three days in hospital having my pacemaker repaced with a new wizzo version. It should have been a day case, but a minor complication meant I had to spend two extra days on oxygen. Hopefully I'll get the Vikings finished soon.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A motley crew of pirates

I always like to keep a unit of "irregulars" somewhere near the painting desk so I can add odd bits of left over paint to aid the lack of conformity. So I have just finished half a set of Orion pirates, except for the guns which are too small.

Typically, when I was part way through, I realised that when I sold off the unwanted half a couple of years ago, I had sold two identical sprues instead of two different ones, hence the duplicate poses.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Strelsy - 12th Moscow

My final regiment of Strelsy for now - the 12th Moscow (front)

I've now ordered some Zvezda Russian Noble Cavavalry to fill out the force

For those interested here are the Palmquist plates I based the uniforms upon:

I used this to adjust the information in George Gush's Rennaissance Armies, which can now be found online here (link)

Monday, 9 October 2017

Derby - the booty

Quite a haul this year

Mostly from the B&B. All the vehicle and walls came from the Early war Miniatures mis-cast box, so I'll have some fun repairing them. So I have

  • French 13.2mm AA - a much needed bit of light AA support for Battlegroup Blitzkreig
  • German Henschel 33 Pioneerkraftwagen - just what I "need" for my engineers
  • German Steyr 1500 truck - no plan yet
  • Italian Breda 40 truck - no plan yet
  • Italian Saharina x2 to boost the rest of my Italian Reece
  • Italian TL37 tractor - more tows for my Italians
  • Italian TL37 truck - may become a gun truck
  • French Light Infantry Command - will fill a few gaps in my Legere
  • Spanish Command - A couple of battalions of Spanish to "support" my British
  • Spanish Line Infantry - ditto
  • US Infantry (Winter Uniform) - a bargain and what I needed to complete my Bulge Americans
  • Austrian Infantry Late XVII Century - a trial pack to see how they turn out
  • German Panzer IV - another bargain - these will also see action in the Bulge
  • French Cuirassiers - replacements for my old Airfix Cuirassiers that have seen better days
  • Polish Lifeguard Uhlans - Undecided whether to replace my old Les Higgins figures or just paint them as Polish Line Lancers
  • German HQ in winter uniform - useful for either Stalingrad or Bulge
  • Osprey Black Ops - needed for some games at the club
  • Charlie Wissencraft's Practical Wargaming - certainly one of the best early wargaming books and One I don't have.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Pictures from Derby Worlds 2017

Along with two others from Deeside Defenders I drove across to the new venue south of Lutterworth. It may have been warmer and less noisy than the old venue, but it was far more cramped. Plus it's a lot further to drive so if it's held there next year I won't go.

However it had a selection of inspiring games and a large selection of traders. The pictures reflect those than interested me.

Madanu 616BC, waiting to start

Buford's cavalry at Gettysburg

Quintin's new "Napoleonic" skirmish rules

Boondock Sayntes French & Indian wars all washed down with the traditional glasses of wine!

Blood and plunder

Another Gettysburg game

Russian Civil War fought beneath the walls of Bukhara

Massed Napoleonics

The Ilkley lads superb Italian Wars game

Port Arthur 1905, the Russian fleet, a single japanese ship can just be seen at the top.

Monday, 2 October 2017

On the workbench - October 2017

Three quarters of the year already gone, and I feel that I'm not making enough progress . So I'm going to try and get a bit more done this month as well as finishing what's left from last month

  • Finish the third regiment of Russian Streltsy
  • Complete the Vikings
  • Finish the Pirates that managed to sneak onto my table
  • Two units each of GNW Swedish Cavalry and Dragoons
  • PSC sdkfz 231 armoured cars
  • Work on the various resin vehicles I bought at Phalanx and Colours

I'll be at the "Derby" show on Saturday, but then the next show will probably be Recon in Pudsey.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Streltsy - 10th Moscow

Another unit of Streltsy (at the front) the 10th Moscow.

As before the unit is assembled from all the bonus Streltsy figures in the Strelets boxes.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

TYW Imperial Army

Another post covering the second part of my rebasing project, the Imperial/Bavarian/League forces

There is a high proportion of cavalry, which reflects the ratios in the later part of the TYW

Friday, 22 September 2017

TYW Swedish Army

Having completed the rebasing i thought I would lay out the whole Swedish/Allied army for inspection

Sunday, 17 September 2017

A day at Colours

I escaped from the family for the day and spent the day at Colours in Newbury. I must admit that I was not impressed, the trader floor was gloomy and there were very few games of interest. The mitigating factor was the opportunity to meet up with quite a few friends I hadn't seen in a while.

Some bits I thought worth photographing

The most impressive was this War of Italian Unification game, the fortified town was lovely

The Mesopotamian front in WW1

A snowy Franco-Prussian War

Battlegroup Kursk - WW2

Marengo using General d'Armee, having read a number of positive comments I bought a copy

A nice idea for a river in a Cold War gone hot game

English Civil War version of "To the Strongest"

I didn't spend much, just some paint, a pack of the Plastic Soldier German armoured cars, a few discounted Ready to Roll vehicles and the General d'Armee rules.